RateBeer Mobile for Android is now Open Source

That's right boys and girls.

RateBeer Mobile for Android is now Open Source. We have released the code under the GPL on github.com.

You can follow the project on: http://github.com/jfm/RateBeer-Mobile

If you fancy helping with development feel free to fork the project and let me know if you have changes you want merged into the master branch.

The code is actually in a non working state right now, but over the next week we should be ready with a working version.

A brand new version is also in development with a lot of stability fixes as well as brand new features. Development will now go in the direction of a 2.0.0 release which will feature a more polished experience and hopefully a lot more stable experience.

You can branch the code using git, by doing:

git clone git://github.com/jfm/RateBeer-Mobile.git

After cloning the repository you might want to do the following:

git remote add upstream git://github.com/jfm/RateBeer-Mobile.git
git fetch upstream

This will allow you to get the latest changes from the master branch.

Stay tuned. We will also be presenting an entirely new project website shortly! Until then you can of course still use: RateBeer Mobile Home.


2010 - Happy New Year

Even though I haven't blogged much over the last year (as I intended in the last new years post), I always like to reflect on the year passed and on the year to come.

The year passed has been one of the most hectic years in my life. Balancing personal and professional life has been more difficult than ever. A lot of new professional challenges has caused me to spend more time on work and less on the family and the tasks at home. Luckily I have the best wife in the world who has allowed me to grow even though she has faced difficult professional challenges as well.

During 2009 I have developed a lot as an Oracle consultant and I have developed a lot of new skills. I'm enjoying work more than ever before and I finally got to the point where I actually feel I contribute to the overall performance of the team. I have been better at expanding my professional network which again has led to more learning opportunities.

Having a child in the family has provided a lot of challenges, but to see a child develop her language and to see all the new things she can do is a blessing and she is truly the light of my life.

2009 was the year I turned 30, and I feel lucky to be able to gather around 30 people of friends and family to my birthday party. On my birthday my wife found out she was expecting our second child, talk about the best birthday present ever.

My pet development project: Ratebeer Mobile has gone life and as we finish 2009 I have just released version 1.4.0 to the Android Market with two new major features. At time of writing there was about 450 active installations of the app which I think is quite good considering I have had a lot of problems stabilizing the application as well as developing new features. I haven't yet earned better ratings of the application on the Android Market, but I hope that will increase in 2010. The hard part is to get proper feedback with bugs and feature requests. Although we have been on the market for almost 4 months I've had very few useful comments or emails with bugs and feature requests.

Now what will 2010 bring?

I'm fairly sure that on a professional level I will develop more than ever before. I now have a much better understanding on what I need to learn and what I need to do to be a more productive and professional consultant. These skills will surely be enhanced during 2010 which I really look forward to.

On the personal level, 2010 will be a really challenging year. As we are expecting our second child in April, balancing personal and professional life will be more challenging than ever. This is where I really need to be better and spending time with the family.

Development of Ratebeer Mobile will take more effort than ever in 2010 but it is also a very satisfying project to work on. The major new thing I'm working on is improving the backend so that it will be more stable and hopefully also work faster.

My obligatory new year resolutions this year. More running, and doing at least one chore at home everydayI also have a resolution to sort through the almost 1000 photos taken during 2009 which I haven't had the time to properly sort yet. Oh and start blogging more.

2010 will be more exciting than ever and I can't wait to start the new year.


Ratebeer Mobile

After almost giving up on writing a Ratebeer application for Android I finally took some time this week to build the initial version.

I plan on releasing it as soon as possible and as soon as an agreement with ratebeer.com has been made to utilize their site. This also means that the application will most likely contain ads. All ad revenue will however go directly to ratebeer.com. Initially the application will be released for free on the Android Market, but I might start charging for it at a later date.

To give you an idea of the initial version of the application, here is some screenshots (without the ads though).

The first screen is the home screen.

The second screen is the search screen where you can see which beers you have rated.
The third screen is the rate screen. You get to the rate screen by clicking an unrated beer on the search screen. This allows you to post a rating.

The fourth screen is the rating screen. If you click on a beer you have already rated, you can see your current rating.
The last screen is the settings screen where you set your ratebeer.com credentials.

As can be seen above the application is still very simple with only a minimum subset of features. However I wanted to release the application as early as possible to get feedback and feature requests from users. So I will post again when the application actually goes live on Android Market.


Update on Friending

I'm sorry if the Friending project seems dead but I have actually been writing a lot of code for over the last few months. The application has been totally redesigned and rewritten and is now mostly working for Twitter.

It now has a protocol extension system which allows more rapid development of new protocols such as facebook, identi.ca and so on. All the latest code is in the source repository on launchpad and I hopefully I will soon be able to make a proper alpha release of the application.


Friending update

Over the last few weeks I have been working on adding features and stability to Friending. It is still very much Alpha software, but I'm slowly approaching a more feature rich and stable application.

I'm using it myself every day, both for testing it, but also because I like the non intrusive nature which, I guess, made me start the project in the first place.

Hopefully I will soon be able to release a proper version of it including packages for Ubuntu and so on, but for now I guess this is only for the adventurous amongst you.

As always file any bugs or feature requests here.


Announcing Friending

In my spare time driving back and forth from work on the train I have been building a small application that aims to collect status messages from various social networks (currently only twitter and facebook is supported).

For now it is in alpha stage and only tested on Ubuntu Intrepid. All development is gathered on launchpad.

The Project resides here.

It is build with Mono (C#) using an SQLite backend. It was mainly built for my own benefit, but if anyone can get something out of it I would be happy to hear it.

Recent Screenshot:
As always... All bugs, feature requests, comments and so on are very welcome on the Launchpad pages.